Sleep Clean Care: Beard Care Tips and Tricks


A great looking man always have a way to attract ladies, but having a messy and trimmed hair is a different story. Keeping it clean and stylish is hard to achieve if you have a poor working beard trimmer. So we are here to give you some beard care tips and tricks to better help you with your beard grooming, and get it in shape for your handsome face. Visit for more information.

Yes, you need to match your beard with your face’s shape, and you need to have a unique style depending on your facial features. When it comes to the different shapes of face, your jaw and your beard should work in tandem in achieving a nice and graduated oval shape. A square or round jaw should have a fuller beard at the bottom for an illusion of elongated face. You want more hair at the sides if you have a rectangular or oblong face, to avoid length beneath your chin.

Not all men have been born with a naturally bountiful beard, but you can follow some simple tips and tricks to achieve it. Eat nutritious food rich in fat, protein, Vitamin B5, B3 and B9, such as egg yolks, milk, nuts, green leafy vegetables and lean meat. These are the nutrients you need for a stronger and longer hair. You can also use supplements for healthier and better hair growth.

Always make sure to wash your beard in a regular basis, to clean out the trapped food particles and dead skin cells. If neglected, irritation and itchiness will occur, that may lead to wound formation and infection. And of course, don’t forget to pat dry once you’re done. You can also use beard oils that have variety of scents you can choose from, to make your beard shinier, softer and hydrated, giving you a tamer beard.

Know when is the best time to trim your beard, because trimming your beard early may not give you the actual look you want to achieve. You need to grow out your beard evenly and the ideal time to achieve it is four to six weeks, and once it passes that period , then you can start styling your beard with the style and look you desire.

Choose the best beard trimmer, and purchasing a good quality electric razor which will save you so much time and effort. Consider the battery life, the other usage and overall quality by reading product reviews,so you get actual testimonies from customers who have tried the product. A great hair trimmer must have many length settings to allow you style your beard differently every time you want it. Get started at

For those of you that don’t know how to properly use a beard trimmer, check out


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